Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Are there any side effects of Daibamit?

No, Daibamit has no side effects as it is a clinically tested and chemical/gelatin free product.

2. How should I take Daibamit?

You should take 3 tablets 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meal. You should also continue your other allopathic medicines as prescribed by your doctor.

3. sometimes I like to have rich in carbohydrate food like bread ,burger, Samosa. Will daibamit help me?

Yes , consuming Daibamit before any rich food with carbohydrates will help reduce your blood sugar level to rise.

4. Is Daibamit in a tablet form or capsule form?

Capsules are made of gelatin which is a chemical and our product is in a tablet form i.e. we say Daibamit is 100% natural and chemical free. Even the binding agent used in Daibamit Tablets is Gum of Moringa, and babool tree.

5. Should I take Daibamit every day?

Yes, one should take Daibamit everyday else the nutritional support of Daibamit will reduce if you take less than the recommended daily dosage as the ingredients as a whole will not be effective in your body. A supplement requires time to do its work .

6. Can I take Daibamit even if I dont have diabetes?

Yes, one can have daibamit considering their family history or when one is overweight. Although there is no clinical proof for its preventive use, as such tests are discontinued by government. However, being natural blood sugar controlling agents it can be used in lower dosage for prevention(1 tablet 2 times a day)

7. Is it important to do exercises and take care as to what I eat while taking Daibamit?

Doctors/ Physicians recommend what to eat and how to exercise .Daibamit is not hindering your exercise or diet plan, you can stick to your exercise and diet plan.

8. Will my diet increase after starting Daibamit?

No, it is not so as Daibamit is also a nutritional supplement and there would be no effect on your diet.

9. I exercise early morning hope Daibamit is not an obstacle?

We say that you have to consume our products 30 minutes before your meal so only after exercise you can have Daibamit and then your breakfast so Daibamit is not an obstacle for your daily regime.

10. How is a tablet and a capsule base different?

Daibamit is a tablet based product. A capsule is made of gelatin which is a chemical base. Our product is in pure tablet form, i.e. 100% Natural, 100% Ayurveda.

11. How much time does it take for delivery?

For domestic Orders, it would take 2-6 working days, and 1-3 weeks for International shipping. USD 10 extra to be paid for shipping via EMS(Express Mail Service).